Slovenia at WHO screening conference

The WHO European Conference on Screening was held on 11&12 February 2020 in Copenhagen. During this conference, dr. Urška Ivanuš (director of the Slovenian national cervical cancer screening programme and EU-TOPIA consortium member) presented on the many developments that took place in Slovenia since they switched their cervical cancer screening programme from an opportunistic programme to an organized programme in 2003. After this switch to organized screening, which already resulted in rapidly declining cervical cancer incidence rates, Slovenia is now contemplating to switch to an HPV-based screening programme. The EU-TOPIA evaluation tool is now being used to evaluate the harms, benefits and costs of over 900 screening protocols in Slovenia, so that the most optimal screening protocol can be selected.

These experiences from Slovenia could be of use for countries in the same region that are in a similar situation.

Link to the conference website:

The project was launched in September 2015 and will continue to August 2020.

This project has received funding from the European Unionʼs Horizon2020 Programme under grant agreement no 634753